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Altona Updates

Qenos Altona Maintenance Activities Update – April 2018

The planned maintenance activities at the Altona Olefins and Plastics plants is nearing completion. We will progressively return the plants to normal production over the next two weeks..

Some flaring will be evident at both facilities during the plant re-starts. Some of this flaring will occur overnight, however this will be controlled to minimise the chance of disturbing our neighbours.

We look forward to completing the return to production with minimal impact or concern on the part of our neighbours and community.

If you have any queries please contact the Qenos Environmental Advisor Mr. Les Harman by email at

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Flares are used to safely burn waste gases which cannot be recovered or recycled in the processing plants. Further information about flares at Altona can be found in the following link:
[PDFATTACH]Altona flare operations|||ALTONA flare operation may 2017.pdf[/PDFATTACH]

December 2016

Attached is the Media Statement of the initial assessment of PFAS at Qenos Altona.

[PDFATTACH]Media Statement|||PFAS Qenos Altona Media Statement 21 Dec 2016 .pdf[/PDFATTACH]

Botany Updates

There are no current community updates for Botany.