Alkadyne® HCR193B is a PE100 resin with high stress crack resistance (HSCR) and is a new class of PE100 material. HCR193B has many times greater stress crack resistance than standard PE100 resin. HCR193B enables you to work with your designer to achieve more efficient pipelines, longer lasting pipe networks or reduced installation costs.

Alternative Tender Support

Where PE100 material to AS/NZS 4130 and AS/NZS 4131 is specified, a non-conforming tender can be submitted using the following approach:-
1. Submit conforming tender, and
2. Submit non-conforming tender
3. Attach technical addendum that includes technical data in support of the non-conforming tender.

Technical addendum to include:
• Material designation and specification
• General advantages
• Specific recommendations based on the pipe and application specified
• Case studies if available.

The links below provide technical data in support of the non-conforming tender for the following applications;

Pipe cracking (bursting)

Pipe cracking (bursting) replaces old pipe with a new PE pipe that is drawn along behind the cracking device.


Directional drilling

Directional drilling is particularly advantageous for installing a new pipe in urban situations where disruption to traffic and the community must be minimised or eliminated.


Plough in

Plough in is used in open field areas and eliminates the need for open trench construction and the consequential disruption to surrounding activities.


Slip lining

Slip lining offers a quick trenchless solution to a problem with an existing buried pipe.


Tight lining

Tight lining is a process that temporarily reduces the size of the new pipe, enabling it to be drawn into the degraded pipe.


As-dug or No-sand bedding

“As-dug” bedding can be used in situations where the native soil adequately fulfils performance requirements



PE100 HSCR offers an alternative design solution in situations where wall thickness has been added to reduce the risk of brittle failure.


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