LLDPE resins are used in both blown and cast film applications which require high impact, tear and puncture resistance.

Alkatuff LLDPE incorporates a hexene (C6) copolymer using UNIPOL™ gas phase technology to produce resins which offer an excellent balance of properties. The high performance characteristics of Alkatuff LLDPE make it suitable for a wide range of applications including stretch film, agricultural films and heavy duty sacks. The excellent optical and sealing performance properties also result in Alkatuff LLDPE being ideal for applications such as form-fill-seal, freezer films and lamination applications.

Alkatuff LLDPE grades have been developed in conjunction with Australian processing equipment technology improvements, and the unique balance of toughness versus stiffness provides the opportunity for down-gauging whilst maintaining overall film performance. Alkatuff LLDPE is fully compatible with Alkathene LDPE with blends of the two resins commonly used across most film applications.

Alkatuff LLDPE Film Extrusion Grades

GradesMelt Index (g/10 min) Density (g/cm3) Technical Datasheets Regulatory Data Sheet SDS Antiblock SlipApplications
LL4380.800.922 -Blown film resin suitable for heavy duty sacks, stretch film, agricultural films, lamination and form fill seal
LL501 1.00.925 -Blown film resin suitable for heavy duty bags
LL601 1.00.925YesHBlown film resin suitable for agricultural films and overwrap
LL425 2.50.918 -Cast film resin suitable for stretch film and bubble film
LL525 2.50.935 -Cast film resin suitable for personal care

Melt Index based on ASTM D1238 @ 190C, 2.16kg