LDPE is a versatile material able to process easily on blown and cast film equipment. Alkathene® LDPE is manufactured using the high pressure autoclave process developed by ICI, known to produce resins with excellent bubble stability and film properties. Alkathene® LDPE is suitable for many applications ranging from general purpose carry bags and shrink films to cling film and bubble wrap.

Alkathene® LDPE has an unsurpassed reputation in the Australian Polyethylene industry, derived over many years of reliable application performance. The grades have been uniquely developed to suit the various application requirements, together with local film manufacturers and end customers. The grades demonstrate excellent clarity and gloss. Alkathene® LDPE is also an excellent complimentary blend partner regularly used to improve the processibility of LLDPE resins.

Alkathene® LDPE Film Extrusion Grades

GradesMelt Index (g/10 min) Density (g/cm3) Technical Datasheet Regulatory Data Sheet SDS Antiblock SlipApplication
XDS340.300.922 -Heavy duty bags, shrink                                             
LDF4330.450.925Yes-Heavy duty bags, shrink
LDD2010.450.922 -Heavy duty bags, shrink
LDD2030.450.922Yes-Heavy duty bags, shrink
LDD2040.450.922YesMHeavy duty bags, shrink
LDD2050.450.922YesHHeavy duty bags, frozen food, produce bags
LDH2101.00.922 -Shrink film
LDH2151.00.922YesHProduce bags, carry bags
XJF1432.50.920 -Overwrap
LDJ2262.50.922YesM*Shrink, carry bags, overwrap
LDJ2252.50.922YesVHOverwrap, bread film
XLF1975.50.920 -Cling wrap, drycleaning film

Melt Index based on ASTM D1238 @ 190°C, 2.16kg
* Based on antistat additive