As an Australian manufacturer, Qenos has the advantage of local people with local knowledge, ready to deliver technical support on-site with customers.

In Australia, Qenos has an unsurpassed technical understanding of polyethylene (PE) in pipes. Qenos is committed to the Australian pipe market and delivers high quality PE products and support for pipe extrusion customers throughout Australia.

The Qenos technical expertise extends beyond suppling quality PE materials to the Australian plastics industry. The experienced Qenos team is always available to work with customers to meet their individual PE needs. With an unsurpassed technical understanding of PE, the Qenos team has a practical knowledge of Qenos's customers and their production requirements, and familiarity with an extensive range of processing equipment.

Qenos provides on-site support for PE pipe extrusion for new product applications, trouble-shooting and process optimisation. Experienced technical personnel from Qenos combine with the customer’s technical and production teams in a joint approach, delivered on-site.

Qenos has been able to support pipe customers and assist with debottlenecking throughput on pipe production lines. In a recent on-site experience, Qenos Technical Support worked on the manufacturing plant floor with the customer’s production team and achieved a 25% increase in production with Qenos Alkadyne HDF193B resin. A 10% gain was also achieved for the Qenos Alkadyne HDF145B, with further increases limited only by the cooling capability of the line rather than polymer grade capabilities.

Production increases of 10% to 25% are significant, and the production line was optimised by Qenos working closely with the customer’s team and understanding the particular processing and equipment challenges. Even a small increase in finished product per hour for every hour of production can mean tens of thousands of dollars of extra production for a pipe business.

The Qenos team delivers local technical capability across the entire production pipeline. The Qenos PE products delivered to a pipe extruder are an outcome of a world class laboratory for quality assurance and product evaluation; strong ISO9001 quality control systems ensuring consistent product and technical expertise with years of valuable experience. For pipe customers, PE quality and consistency delivers value with reduced waste and greater production efficiencies. The ability to meet challenging finished pipe specifications with efficient production and very low scrap is vital to pipe businesses. Qenos quality PE and technical capability makes this possible.

As the only domestic resin manufacturer, Qenos is focussed the supply of quality PE products and quality PE technical support for a strong Australian pipe market.

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