Locally manufactured and supported, Qenos Alkamax® mLLDPE is produced utilising latest generation, leading edge manufacturing technology and polymer science. The material properties from metallocene PE contribute to significantly improved film processability and mechanical performance. This delivers value adding and cost saving to film manufacturers through downgauging and superior product toughness.

Following extensive development and product evaluation, Qenos Alkamax® metallocene catalysed polyethylene grades are now in increasing use in the Australian PE film market. The key features of PE films made from Qenos Alkamax® mLLDPE include:

  • Excellent processability and production throughput
  • Superior stiffness versus toughness balance for heavy duty applications
  • High performance sealing and hot-tack resin in Lamination and Form, Fill & Seal applications
  • Excellent optical properties

Combined with excellent stiffness per unit density, these properties enable processors to increase the performance of their current films or run thinner films which give equivalent performance, reducing material use and costs. Qenos Alkamax® mLLDPE offers a unique balance of stiffness versus toughness, with the potential to further optimise the existing film structure for challenging applications.

One of the major features of Alkamax® mLLDPE is its toughness and Qenos ML1810PN delivers the highest resistance to dart impact of all Qenos PE films. To compare Qenos products, a 50 micron film of the high performing Qenos PE film grade LL438 can withstand an impact of a dart weighing 300g. The latest Qenos Alkamax® metallocene catalysed grade ML1810PN achieves a dart impact resistance of over 1.5kg - that’s 5 times tougher!

PE film businesses know that sealability of the film is critical – so the film can run effectively and efficiently through form, fill and seal packaging lines. Here again the performance of PE films made from Qenos Alkamax® mLLDPE is excellent. Technically the exceptional sealing performance is a result of high seal strength and superior hot tack performance as well as a broad hot tack sealing window. Most importantly for customers the end result is excellent seal integrity.

Qenos has partnered with Univation Technologies to commercialise the latest generation of metallocene technology at Qenos’ LLDPE plant in Sydney. The success of Qenos Alkamax® mLLDPE is a result of strong teamwork and cooperation across Qenos’ Operations, Product Development and Univation teams.

Qenos is working to develop further Alkamax® mLLDPE grades which will open opportunities in new applications. The Qenos Technology Centre is equipped with a commercial scale, Gloucester film line which has been central to the development of Alkamax® mLLDPE grades. It will continue to be utilised to evaluate new grades and to develop application and formulation solutions for Qenos customers.

Alkamax® mLLDPE is increasingly popular with Qenos PE film consumers. This new technology has now been proven by Qenos’ customers. The Qenos Product Technology team is available across Australia in support of new applications and optimising existing ones.

As a local supplier, Qenos has long history working with the Australian plastics industry to meet local needs. Alkamax® mLLDPE with its purpose designed, leading edge polymer architecture delivers a thinner or downgauged film, with excellent clarity and lower overall cost. Less is more when it comes to the latest technology plastic films.