Qenos eXsource acts as a reseller for a wide range of imported polymers manufactured by ExxonMobil Chemical, Dexco Polymers, Kumho, Xingda and others. These products include: Butyl and nitrile rubber; polychloroprene; EVA; PP; BOPP; bitumen modifiers; tackifying resins; polymer modifiers; styrenic thermoplastic rubbers; thermoplastic elastomers; styrene butadiene block copolymers; polybutadiene; EPS (expandable polystyrene).

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Specialty Imported Products

Supplier Country of OriginTypical Grades
Butyl RubberExxon Bromobutyl, Exxon Chlorobutyl, Exxon ButylExxonMobil ChemicalUSA, Japan2222, 2255, 1066, 1068, 065, 268
EVA copolymersEscorene™ UltraExxonMobil ChemicalBelgium, USAUL40028, UL7720
Expandable Polystyrene (EPS)XifaXingdaChinaPKF301, 302, 303, 401, 501
Plastomeric Bitumen ModifiersPolybilt™ExxonMobil ChemicalBelgium106
Adhesive ResinsEscorez™, Vistamaxx™ExxonMobil ChemicalChina, USA, Singapore, France1000 Series, 2000 Series, 5000 Series, 8880
SBR, BR & NBRKosynKumhoKorea1500, 1502, 1507, 1712L, 1712, KHS68, KBR01
SBSVectorDexco Dow/Exxon Mobil JVUSA2518, 8508
SISVectorDexco Dow/ Exxon Mobil JVUSA4114, 4211
Polymer Modifier for PP FilmOppera™ExxonMobil ChemicalAsiaPR130J, PA629C
PolychloropreneShannaBluestarChinaSN232, SN238